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Russians placing final bets as government bans casinos and online gambling

A new law is set to come into play at midnight tonight which pushes casinos and gambling halls out of major cities in Russia including Moscow.

The law has confined any casinos to four regions far away from the capitol city of Moscow. The ban also covers online gambling, and at other public sites including airports and supermarkets.

The move to ban gambling has been met with worried responses from critics as they believe over 300,000 jobs will be taken away and the industry will now go underground where organised criminals will take over.

Vladimir Putin first suggested the law in 2006, the same time as to which the UIGEA in America was passed it has taken nearly 3 years for the suggestion to be enforceable.

The elederly and poor in Russia seem to be the only members of the public that want to see the casino be pushed out of the cities and even the country as a whole.
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