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Liv Boeree v Melissa Castello in Charity Boxing Match

If all goes to plan, the hotly anticipated charity boxing match between UltimateBet starlet Liv Boeree and PokerNews’ video hostess Melissa Castello will take place in Vegas at the beginning of July.

The bout, dubbed ‘Rumble Nowhere near the Rio’, is sponsored by PokerBattle, PokerNews and UltimateBet and has been organised to help raise funds for worthy causes selected by both combatants.

The winner of the fight will receive $1,000 to pledge to their favoured charity, while the loser will collect $500 for their cause. Boeree has chosen to donate to the Marie Curie Cancer Trust, while Castello will be fighting for the Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California.

Both women are engaged in intense training programs as they bid for victory in the match up. Boeree has the edge in height, weight and reach - in fact the only category that favours Castello is chest.

This was a fact Castello was quick to point out, saying "It can be used as a distraction tactic, but I guess with Liv that won't really work, so I'm just going to have to focus on kicking her ass in other ways."

Boeree, meanwhile, countered ahead of the upcoming bout, saying: "I've fought a lot with animals... My dog used to attack me a little and me and my horse used to mess around, but not so much with humans."

The fight has been moved to a more expansive location due to keen interest and now will take place at Barry’s Boxing Centre, Las Vegas.

Dan Stephens
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