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New Software, Bet Stopper, Allows Online Gambling to Regulate Itself

A new software program launched by a Canadian company will soon allow parents to block access to gambling sites on their children’s computers. The software is predicted to be so successful a deal has already been agreed between the company and the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation.

The program called ‘BetStopper’ is the first of its kind to completely block online gambling. It is also being further developed to help parents block all adult content on the web as well as other social networking sites in order to monitor children’s activity online. The application is free and enables parents to choose specific days and times that their children can gain access to the internet.

The release of the software is being hailed by some as definitive proof that the UIGEA Bill is outdated. The main argument against online gambling is that children are able to potentially gamble under their parent’s account but ‘BetStopper’ eradicates this problem.

Currently it is only being offered to residents of Nova Scotia, Canada which has particularly high levels of youth gambling with recent figures showing that more online gamblers are underage than overage. If the software is proven to be successful in Nova Scotia it is hoped it will then be extended to other countries worldwide.

CEO of said, “In ten years of specializing in helping parents shield their children from the unsavory side of the Internet, this is the first time we have been asked to create a project specifically to address underage gambling.”

Danielle Almond
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