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Bodog Blues As Reality TV Company Sues.

Calvin Ayre's reality poker show concept is ours, says BlueMoon Entertainment.

Professional Poker reports that a Los Angeles based reality TV company called BlueMoon Entertainment has lodged a case with the LA Superior Court in which it alleges that the upcoming Calvin Ayre-Bodog poker reality show “Wild Card Poker” is too close for comfort to its own show concept “Poker Showdown”.

Coming on the heels of the massive mainstream press hype created for the show by the raid by Costa Rican authorities during the wrap party for the filming, the news has added interest.

The first episode of Bodog's show, which is hosted by Ayre himself is scheduled to appear on Fox Sports TV this week. Attempts by BlueMoon to stop the show airing failed when a judge turned down an application for an injunction suspending the screening.

Wild Card Poker is a six-episode reality series about a $500 000 poker tournament, intercut with Costa Rican lifestyle elements and the activities of Bodog's billionaire founder and top man, Calvin Ayre.

BlueMoon has a well established record as a respected producer of documentaries and reality shows that have been aired on many of America's leading TV networks over the past decade.

The row seems to be rooted in some sort of business relationship between the two parties, because the BlueMoon claims refer to their expert input in “...complete project disclosure and numerous proposal and development materials, including product overviews and synopsis, episodic outlines, distribution and marketing breakdowns and production schedules with full analysis” apparently made between May and August of 2005.

The claim refers to a non-disclosure agreement concerning the content of the Bodog-BlueMoon interaction and seeks damages for breach of contract, implied breach of contract, breach of confidence and misappropriation of ideas.

Bodog spokesmen said that the company has hired legal counsel and will if necessary file defence and counterclaim in Court. However, there is some hope for a settlement as Bodog hopes to get together with BlueMoon to “...resolve the matter without the need for litigation.”
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