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Ryanair to Offer In-Air Gambling

Chief Executive of Ryanair Michael O’Leary has said that the company will soon be offered in-air gambling on some of their flights.

Details of the new initiative are still remaining to be finalized. The move is to being put into place in order to increase revenue which will allow lower fares, O’Leary explained.

The company is expecting a winter slowdown and has grounded 20 of its planes and lost 100 staff. As well as this it has also been said that Ryanair is looking to implement a charge on passengers using the onboard toilets, after a plan to put into force a fat tax on overweight passengers never took off.

A spokesman from the cheap, no frills airline said, “Rayanair’s onboard gaming systems are still in the development and research phase with the focus on launching the service in three to five years.”

Plans were first announced in 2005 when O’Leary said he believed that if in flight gambling were to be successfully introduced it could mean the end of air fares.

For the in flight gambling system to be operational it must take place in international airspace as the UK Gambling Commission does not issue premises licenses for aircraft. However O’Leary has said he doesn’t envision any licensing issues.

It is rumoured that Jackpot Joy will be supplying the gambling services in the air after they two companies successfully teamed up to offer gambling on Noel Hayden, Chief Executive for said, “This partnership is great news for Ryanair’s passengers who will now enjoy’s second to none gaming experience.”

Danielle Almond
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