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Online gambling company Bodog set to grow bigger

If you thought the BODOG empire could not get any bigger, then you would be very wrong. The BODOG empire is set to start another two new media ventures, a coffee business, a new poker network and to top it all off they are looking for a partner for South America to take on their franchise.

The development of the new poker network will be based in Kahnawake, Canada and also another team in London, United Kingdom. They will be looking into other poker networks to gather information that will help them in the development. They have also been looking into the existing BODOG poker rooms to see what they need to improve in the new software.

The BODOG empire is looking for a respectable Latin America operator to take on their franchise and promote their name even further. It looks like once they have cracked that continent then they have other ones in their sights, which will include South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. But it is known that the markets in these areas are not as big.

The two new media ventures include a retail targeted site and online news bulletin for online gambling. It has been said that the new BODOG life site will help the Bodog brand grow globally. While the online news bulletin is really for the usually illusive billionaire Calvin Ayre’s own enjoyment (what you can do with money). The coffee branding will use proven models with the BODOG branded shops and kiosks as the Bodog-branded coffee. It seems that Calvin is serious about the coffee as he has bought the rights to a well known coffee brand in an undisclosed South American country.
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