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Google Filtering Online Gambling in China

After a crackdown from the Chinese authorities preventing access to inappropriate websites it could become possible that access to online gambling sites will also be blocked. Google has now been reprimanded three times for allowing access to blocked websites.

China has been notoriously stringent on disallowing access to porn, online gambling and political sites. These blockages known as the Great Firewall have sparked controversy as has the enforced installation of website blocking software, The Green Dam Youth Escort.

Despite online gambling no being mentioned in the latest statement from the China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Centre, past censorship ruling on online gambling have created worries that online gambling will soon be blocked.

After the Great Firewall and the Green Dam software has been found to be not as successful as hoped China’s list of ‘harmful websites’ has continued to grow and is now believed to include many gaming sites.

Despite the government’s claims that the websites are blocked as the are harmful to society, Human rights activists are condemning the move as it also excludes search results on human rights, the Dalai Lama and other topics banned by China’s communist government.

The debate has also caused others to predict that more governments including democracies like Britain are trying to control public behaviour online by pressurizing Internet Service Providers.

China is still known as the harshest government for internet censorship with the world’s most sophistical and multi-layered system of Internet censorship in place with no public consultation or procedures for appealing the blockage of Websites.

Danielle Almond
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