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Brandon Cantu comes close to winning second WSOP bracelet in Las Vegas

In an industry which has been flooded with ‘next big things’, Brandon Cantu is shining out as the real deal. Cantu, who won his first WSOP bracelet in 2006 and took down the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star Championship in 2007 had a deep run in the main event of the World Series last year before eventually being eliminated in 20th. Last night, Cantu almost secured the second bracelet of his short but mercurial career.

The scene was Event 39, a $1,500 No Limit Hold’em tournament which saw 2.714 players take their places. Eventually it came down to Cantu and eventual winner Ray Foley, but just as Cantu needed his luck to hold, fickle fate decided to desert him.

Cantu played splendidly but was fighting not only against Foley but the deck. Getting his money in with AQ v A7 in a key pot early in the heads-up battle, the board ran out 8-8-5-5-x meaning Foley chopped the pot when going in as a 23% underdog.

Another major hand cropped up when Cantu overplayed his K-9 against Foley’s pocket tens. The king on the flop might have been a glimpse of good fortune for the American, but a ten on the turn once again slammed the door on Cantu’s hopes of winning his second.

Of course, the final hand could not be without drama, and so it proved, both players flopping top pair on a jack-high flop, but Brandon’s kicker no match for Foley. A theatrical end to the tournament and one which might take the young pro a little time to recover from.
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