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Wimbledon Betting: Roger Federer Favourite to Win

Roger Referer is his years pick to win Wimbledon. Federer is placed at less then 1-2 to win the title which would be his sixth at Wimbledon.

Nadal is not the favourite despite being the world’s number one player however his loss at the French Open and persistent knee problems mean his odds are reduced. It is even rumored that he won’t be able to play at the event at all, let alone win it. Britain’s own Andrew Murray is also second favourite behind Federer

Predictably the William’s sisters seem to be the only players to bet on the women’s side. With Serena being just marginally ahead of Venus, although Serena is more consistent her sister seems to up her game at Wimbledon. Behind the Williams is Maria Sharapova.

Play is due to start on Monday. However the tournament is also sparking controversy with between six and 12 men’s singles players on a ‘watch list’ due to past involvement in matches implicated in suspicious betting.

A senior source said, “We have interests in the activities of certain players and there are players whose matches we follow closely. It would be ludicrous to think, with so much money involved in betting, that there is no malpractice.”

This has lead to several European bookmakers suspending betting on a recent tennis match in The Netherlands are suspicious betting was reported with one bettor placing a four-figure sum on one player.

Danielle Almond
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