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NFL wants you NOT to gamble

The NFL (National Football League) has been around since the 1920’s, and it has been said that it founders were gamblers. That said the league also attracts more wagers than any other sport in the U.S. And they now allow their teams to sell their logos to state run lotteries. But their position is clear when they are asked about letting states expand sports betting, they don’t want it now, not ever.

The NFL, which could earn a huge $8 billion in revenue, has threatened to file a law suit against the state of Delaware. The reason behind these threats is because last month the Supreme Court unanimously concluded that parlays are in fact legal. Parlays are bets on an outcome of two or more events. This will now allow the state to host the first legal sports books outside the state of Nevada and it could happen as early as this fall.

Allowing Delaware to hosts sports betting would not only be revolutionary but it could also bring in much needed revenue for the state. The governor of Delaware announced the plan in March, and also projected that it would bring in around $55 million in tax revenue, which would help cover some of the state’s projected $800 million budget short fall. The governor has had a surprise visit from an NFL representative, as well as several letters from the NFL commissioner which urges him not to go forward with it.

The lawsuit the NFL is considering will depend on the sports betting Delaware decides to offer.
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