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Jailed NBA referee Tim Donaghy leaves prison

GOM recently reported on disgraced NBA referee Tim Donaghy during his betting scandal trail which saw him sentenced to 15 months behind bars at a prison camp in Pensacola.

Donaghy was released from prison late on Tuesday and travelled to Florida to stay at a halfway house where he must sleep until his sentence duration has been reached on October 24th.

Tim Donaghy plans on writing a book documenting his 13 years as an NBA referee and the betting scandal that saw his downfall. It is said it will include how he was able to predict the outcomes of the matches and how he made money from telling others what to bet on.

After his stint in prison he’ll also have some new stories to include in his book after it was reported that he had been attacked by an inmate with a stick. It is said that he suffered a severe knee injury and could need surgery to repair it fully – can’t imagine he’s going to be doing much running around a basketball court anytime soon anyway.
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