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The European Union gives America another chance to drop online gambling ban

The UIGEA which made it illegal to pass money from financial institutions to online gambling companies had all but made gambling illegal on the internet since late 2006 in America but a number of European companies were caught up in the law which saw them loose over half of their players overnight.

The EU has said that the US is violating the long standing trade agreement and yesterday they asked the states to make the change to allow online gambling once again.

It seems as though the EU will be prepared to take the United States to the World Trade Organisation but as George Bush rushed the law through before he left the White House and now with Barack Obama at the helm they have allowed him time to set things straight with the law.

President Obama has repeatedly said that he will repair all the damage caused by the Bush Administration and re-build friendships with the rest of the world legalising online gambling could be the first step to achieving this.

European companies are predicted to have lost $100 million since UIGEA was signed in 2006 which the EU could seek in compensation if the matter needs to go to the World Trade Organisation.
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