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Channel Five and PartyGaming to Launch Online Gambling Service

UK TV station Channel Five is set to merge with gambling group PartyGaming in order to launch an online bingo and casino service, it was announced on Monday.

The new partnership, which has been labelled an “aggressive” expansion of the broadcaster’s digital strategy by Five’s chief executive Dawn Airey, will see the branded casino service launch at some point within the next six months.

“Five is looking aggressively at how to expand its presence in digital media, both in terms of its core broadcast content as well as allied offerings that reflect the channel's unique sense of dynamism and fun," said Airey.

“We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with PartyGaming, whose job it will be to create for Five's audience the very best gaming experience.”

The new deal between the two parties is set to fill the void that has been left following the end of an agreement between PartyGaming and ITV, which was previously used to provide e-gaming services for well-known TV brands like Emmerdale.

The new service will be promoted extensively on the television station as part of Five’s continued efforts to break into the digital market and follows on from the launch of projects such as Demand Five – a video-on-demand service – and web-portal FiveFWD last June.
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