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Big Brother 10 kicks off by throwing in 16 fame-hungry housemates

The 10th season of Big Brother kicked off last night with an array of fame-hunting, eccentric housemates which will no doubt over the coming months cause friction, controversy and the usual will they/won’t they sex chasing.

The 8 girls and 8 boys have already spent their first night together in the newly re-modelled Big Brother house which is designed to mess with the heads of the contestants more than any other year.

The bookies already have half-Italian, half-Brazilian student Rodrigo as favourite to win the whole show. Rodrigo went into the house to cheers despite the normal air-head comments from a contestant by saying he wants to open a shop but does not know what the shop will sell.

There are two housemates that are sure to entice the male viewers with Karly and Sophie. Karly is the typical blonde, blue-eyed, wannabie wag who has already had some success by appearing in FHM’s top 100 High Street Honeys reaching number 16. Sophie has a massive attention grabbing feature with her 30GG bust. At only 20 she has already done Playboy and would even consider a boob job.

The rest of the house is full of the usual mix-and-match of odd personalities including a “rock star” from Russia, a young conservative, a lesbian, a bi-sexual and an event’s organiser from Iran.
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