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UK Poker Room, Dusk Till Dawn ‘Weeks from Closure’

Dusk Till Dawn, Europe’s largest poker-dedicated cardroom, is now in danger of being closed down less than two years after it opened its doors.

Rob Yong, owner of the Nottingham-based card room, said: “It's very saddening after all the hard work that myself and my staff have put into the club, but it's highly likely we'll be closing.” The closure would result in over 100 job losses.

The club opened in late 2007 amongst controversy, becoming the first legal poker-only club by obtaining a casino licence. The move was contested by Stanleys, Gala and Grosvenor – the three big casino chains in the UK – who believed the move would see poker-only clubs springing up throughout the country.

Not only did the fear turn out to be ill founded, but DTD suffered from the burden of being recognised as a full casino after finding it was unable to claim back the VAT on its £3.4 million refurbishment. That and new levies on gambling mean the venture now appears set to fold.

Mr Yong said: “ was my dream project but with the recession and new legislation coming into effect the club is now financially unsound.”

He said: "I'm going to have a think about it over the next four or five weeks and think about what we're going to because clearly it's not a very good situation."
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