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New Website Unveiled by Online Casino Watchdog.

The newly enhanced website at is set to focus on the online gambler’s need for accurate and timely information.

The San Jose, Costa Rica based review site has entered into the redesign process with the purpose of improving the overall presentation and increasing the availability of access to relevant information.

Ian Gold, Director of Operations at Official Betting Review, said, 'Online gambling is a multi-billion dollar a year industry that continues to grow at an exponential rate. As such, we need to remain on the cutting edge to ensure that we are providing our guests and members with the service we have pledged -- fair and unbiased reviews and accurate, timely ratings.'

The restructured offers a number of updated features including improved graphic design, and easier navigation allowing for faster and more convenient interaction.

Ian Gold concludes, 'Our primary objective was to enrich each visitor’s experience. We have redesigned our website specifically to better serve our guests and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.'
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