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Minnesota attempts to block online gambling sites via ISPs

Officials in Minnesota, United States have ordered 11 ISPs to block access to 200 online gambling sites with the state.

As the officials are calling upon a law which was originally passed in 1961 the wording states that “common carriers” must block services for gambling however many of the ISPs are questioning whether their businesses are covered in a law that was written before the industry even existed.

It would seem that the Wire Act of 1961 was to cover phone companies that directly deal with bet-takers – which the internet service providers do not.

This is the latest attempt of a state pushing to take control of online gambling despite efforts by the Poker Players Alliance and Barney Frank’s new bill that is due to be considered next week to repeal the UIGEA law which began all the controversy for online gambling.

Kentucky was the last state to try and take over 141 domain names but the attempt was quickly stopped when their court of appeals reversed the ruling.

There have been claims that America could be making $50 billion over 10 years if they were to regulate and tax online gambling.
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