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New Poker Show "Face the Ace" Announced

NBC, already well-versed in broadcast poker, has announced a new program in its poker line-up with a new show called "Face the Ace." Using a unique format, this program will allow contestants to compete against up to three top pro poker players on national TV for a chance to win $1 million. And to give the show even more edge, its host will be Steve Schirripa, from Sopranos fame.

"Face the Ace" walks that fine line between an entertainment-based program, like a game show, and a reality show with personalities and intense drama that can only come from people engaged in a high-stakes poker tournament. Executives believe this is the one show that will interest people beyond poker as people across the board can appreciate the thrill of playing for massive amounts of money.

To appear on the show, would-be contestants can go to or to enroll in free qualifying tournaments. If selected, he or she will choose one of four smoked-glass doors, behind which will be pro poker players (the Aces). Once chosen, the contestant plays that pro heads-up in a no-limit Texas hold ‘em match. If the contestant wins, he or she can take the money and leave, or keep going by picking another pro for a bigger pot of money. Defeating three pros in succession results in the $1 million win. If the contestant loses any game, he or she goes home empty handed.

The inaugural winners will be flown to Las Vegas this summer to tape the seven one-hour shows, which are slated to air on August 1 at 9:00 pm—a first for NBC getting into primetime poker programming.
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