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Alleged Home Poker Game Robbery Results in Shoot-Out

Two bungling burglars who disguised themselves as police officers in an attempt to rob an alleged home poker game last week became embroiled in a shoot-out after their plan was caught on CCTV.

The two gunmen arrived outside a secluded house in North Carolina with the intention of posing as officers of the law and “raiding” what was thought to be a private poker game, but the residents were alerted to their plot when they noticed them approaching on the home’s surveillance camera.

When the thieves rushed into the house screaming “this is a robbery!” they found one of the occupants pre-emptively aiming his own gun at them as he replied “no it’s not”. A shootout then ensued and it is believed that one of the gunmen was hit in the shoulder, though a trawl of local hospitals in the area has not turned up any leads.

One of the victims was also shot in the posterior as the burglars made off with his money and despite their plans going awry, the two pair did manage to escape the house having seized over $2,000 from the game. A police search has been initiated in the area, but the two robbers have so far eluded capture.
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