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Former Vegas Employee Wins Judgment Against Dennis Rodman

NBA legend, Dennis Rodman may have been a sensation on the basketball court but his ability to stay in the spotlight long after retirement certainly hasn’t waned. And while the checks poured in while he was playing alongside Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, the means to maintain his outlandish lifestyle have become more and more creative. But sometimes the lines get crossed, even for this towering (sometimes) cross dresser. Case in point is the issue with a former Hard Rock Hotel Casino employee.

Sara Ure has just won a judgment for $225,000 against Rodman for claims of inappropriate behavior by the former Madonna boy toy.

Rodman had his opportunity to challenge the suit issued by Ure, but he neglected to respond. Subsequently, US District Judge Robert Jones was permitted to approve a “motion for a default judgment.” According to Ure's lawyers, Rodman's actions, both in Las Vegas and toward the lawsuit, were considered inappropriate.

"Defendant Rodman injured and humiliated Ms. Ure at her place of employment," claimed attorneys Kathleen England and Jocelyn Cortez in their motion, "Which is simply one of the latest incidents in an almost decade-long practice of violence and blatant disregard for the safety of others."

In her detailed account of the incident, Ure claims that Rodman accosted her, slapped her behind and forced her to dance with him. Afterward, Ure said she complained to the Hard Rock and was told Rodman would be banned from the hotel and casino. Before long, Rodman was back at the hotel and when Ure brought it to Hard Rock management’s attention, she was fired.
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