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Online Casino CEO In The Spotlight.

He’s one of the richest men in the world and the face of online gambling but now he’s making his mark as the face of the mega-rich. Calvin Ayre, founder and CEO of, is the subject of the cover story in the billionaire’s issue of Forbes, the world's leading magazine for business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators.

Mr. Ayre said, “This feature article in Forbes is good for and good for our industry. Being open and transparent with the media sets a strong example for the online gaming industry, and serves as another tool to educate and inform our players about our company.'

The interview was conducted at Ayre’s Costa Rican compound and office over two days with Forbes reporter Matthew Miller and the article marks the first time an online gaming CEO has been featured on the cover of the publication.

In this extensive article, the billionaire philanthropist and industry leader talks about everything from his humble beginnings to his secrets and successes. The magazine particularly focuses on’s industry leadership, “Internet gambling was basically unheard-of, and there was a strong disconnect between the kid and the old coots taking the bets. Ayre not only wanted to encourage smaller bets to generate more predictable revenue and profits, he also wanted to settle accounts with online checks, instead of suitcases of cash.”
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