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Joan Rivers rant on Celebrity Apprentice aimed at Annie Duke

The building confrontation on Celebrity Apprentice in the US between Joan Rivers and poker pro Annie Duke boiled over on the latest instalment.

The moment came when Joan Rivers daughter, Melissa, was fired by Donald Trump after her team lost the shows task in which she was apparently shunned by the other contestants including Duke.

Joan Rivers had made her views on Annie Duke clear in previous episodes branding her a “Nazi” and topped the latest rant off by calling all poker players “beyond white trash”. Rivers then proceeded to fuel the fire by apologizing to Hitler on her Twitter page for comparing him with Duke.

This season of Celebrity apprentice has been dubbed the best yet – probably due to the amount of conflict between the contestants. It is also reported that Joan Rivers accidentally let slip that her daughter made it to the final two contestants in the show however, now with Melissa thrown out of the show was it just a clever ploy or are there plans to bring her back.
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