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Average Age of Bingo Players Dropping

It has now been discovered that the average age of bingo players has fallen from 52 down into the more sprightly late 30s. It was also discovered that the ratio of men to women playing bingo is now 70-30 however this is changeable according to weather a high profile game of football is also on.

It is thought that the reason for this decrease is young people joining the games as an alternative to an expensive night out on the town as they could come home having made a profit.

Mark Dowling, manager of Gala Bingo said, “The gambling industry is recession resilient, but not recession proof. People are still coming and having a night out. Perhaps they are not spending quite as much when they are here, but it’s still a fabulous night out. We’ve lost around 20 per cent of our business through the smoking ban, but people have started coming back. We probably won’t get back to the heady heights of a few years ago but the decline has been halted and we’re seeing an up-turn now.”

It seems bingo is definitely on the rise as one Gala Bingo Hall in Peterborough even reported a 400% increase in player numbers during one of their free bingo events.

Not only are brick bingo halls seeing more demand so are online bingo rooms. A survey from Bingo Hideout on over 2,000 online bingo players revealed that 75% of players regularly use bingo chat rooms and 50% said they’d made new friend through the sites. It was even reported that some had found romance, long lost relatives and new jobs.

Ben Thorns, director of Bingo Hideout said, “The popularity of online bingo has grown immensely over the last 12 – 15 months. People may not be able to afford to go out, but they still want to catch up on gossip and meet new friends, and the bingo sites give them the perfect opportunity to ‘go out’ and socialise whenever they choose.”

Danielle Almond
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