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Rare Poker Chip from the Flamingo Las Vegas Sells on Ebay

A collector recently made a tidy profit for himself by auctioning off a rare poker chip from the Flamingo Hotel. Eventually selling for $4,900 on the online auction site eBay, the chip attracted lots of attention of vintage collectors. The eBay listing claims that the chip, still in pristine condition, was one of the few remaining Vintage $5 casino chips from the old hotel.

With the opening bid starting at a whopping $3,000 on April 9, seven days later the bids were still increasing in size. A total of 16 bids from five different bidders were made on the item, with 800 people having a look at the rare chip, showing that there was lots of interest in the unusual item.

According to James Massey, publisher of, a free website which tracks top selling eBay items, “It’s not uncommon for some vintage casino and poker chips to fetch some pretty extraordinary prices”.

Massey added; “Ten [vintage casino and poker chips] have fetched final eBay selling prices between $800 to $3,000 in just the last 90 days. But the Flamingo [chip] has been the best auction recently.”

With there being increasing popularity in rare and vintage poker chips with them fetching significant amounts at auction, it seems as if there is money to be made buying and selling poker chips online.

Kayley Almond
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