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Gisele Bundchen Wins $1 million Gambling on Inter Milan

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is in the centre of reports that she likes to gamble large sums of money on football games.

It rumored that the model has won a total of $1 million through the habit. After claiming to have “complete faith” in Jose Mourinho Gisele has been putting her money where her mouth is and placing weekly bets on her favourite team, Inter Milan, since last December.

Richard Gardner, manager of the Body Sportsbook gambling site confirmed that winning $1 million by betting solely on one team is very unlikely. “Normally, if you do that with any team, with any sport, you’re not going to have that result.” Gardner also commented that Bundchen’s winnings may me more down to her large bankroll, a personal fortune of $150m, and that she was able to bet more in Europe than the US rather than just pot luck.

Gisele could win even more from the team if they manage to retain the Scudetto which they are predicted to do as they are currently a clear ten points above their closest competitors, Juventus and AC Milan, with only six games left.

The Brazilian model also has a close connection with Inter after allegedly dating former left back Francesco Coco. Gisele is now married to the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and is rumoured to earn $33 million a year from modeling contracts so won’t miss the money too much if Milan don’t win.

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