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Gamblers at Mississippi Casinos Drop Big Numbers in March

The numbers are in and they’re not looking great. Gamblers in the Deep South took a dramatic, collective hit at the beginning of the spring as a figure of $232.9 million was the reported loss from Mississippi's state-licensed casinos throughout March. That was an increase from February, but in total, it was about $28 million behind March of last year. This all comes from the Mississippi State Tax Commission and they report that in February, casinos won $216.5 million, while during March 2008, the tally was $260.6 million.

The agency went on to say that Gulf Coast casinos brought in $101.8 million last month, in comparison to $99.6 million in February, but was down from $120.8 million in March of last year.

Away from the coast, casinos up and down the Mississippi River won $131.1 million last month, which was up from $116.9 million in February, but down from $139.8 million in March 2008. On a side note, Mississippi's state casino tax total equaled $31.8 million in March.

It’s a topsy-turvy world in the casino industry at the moment and no one is immune from the economic downturn, no matter what side of the table you’re on.
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