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Poker Players Alliance raises $3m to challenge UIGEA

The Poker Players Alliance, PPA, has raised nearly £3million to help get the unlawful internet Gambling Enforcement Act repealed this year by Barack Obamas new government.

The money will be used by Alfonse D’Amato a former senator himself to put the proposed plan in front of congress as soon as possible. The money has been donated by its passionate followers and the Interactive Gaming Council.

The PPA and Barney Frank have led the way in the campaign against the UIGEA which was bundled through in 2006 attached to part of another bill in the hope it was overlooked. The law prevents banks from allowing money to be sent for online gambling.

The UIGEA hasn’t angered everyone however – the NFL have expressed their belief that the law has helped combat match fixing in the sport and will back to keep the law in place.

iMEGA, the Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association, was granted last week to have their appeal against the UIGEA in court on the 6th July. They believe the law is unconstitutional.
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