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Online Casino Rents Academy Award.

The online casino is becoming widely known for its crazy antics such as streakers through the Winter Olympics, the purchasing of Captain Kirk's kidney stone and the stunt involving Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwiches.

This time the online casino has pulled off a remarkable publicity coup by managing to get hold of an Academy Award. The Academy tried desperately to stop this from happening but to know avail and it has resulted in a remarkable first for the casino as no other online casino can make such a claim for themselves.

A spokesman for Golden Palace said they had been trying to get hold of an award for ages, but the Academy's legal ruling is that awards given after 1951 cannot be sold.

The famed creative team of the online casino came up with a solution – by simply leased an award.

Nothing was written in the legal agreement that Awards could not be leased, so $30,000 later, the online casino ‘leased' Morris Stoloff's 1960 Academy Award for the score of the musical picture 'Song Without End” for 999 years.

The online casino are on the lookout for more awards – Oscar, Grammy, Emmy or Golden Globe – and are willing to pay the price. They call upon any award holder to come forward and agree to ‘lease’ them their awards.
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