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Nevada Resident Wins $33 Million Casino Jackpot

The Easter weekend is usually reserved for quality time spent with the extended family. For some, a weekend can seem like an eternity, but for others, it’s time well spent. Either way, or a mixture of both, one woman put all her Easter eggs in one basket by hitting a local casino only to walk out with the second largest Megabucks jackpot in history. Certainly a weekend to remember for the rest of her life, 38-year-old Rachael Renee Romanick strolled into Terrible's Rail City in Sparks, Nevada, on Sunday night and threw caution to the wind as she sat down at the famed slot. Slot machine maker International Game Technology confirmed the win and said that they were happy that the win went to a local resident.

Romanick said that a friend convinced her to join him at the casino and added she played for about 10 minutes before hitting it big.

The recession is hitting people universally—especially in Nevada where casino numbers are still dropping to all-time lows as the Strip, Nevada’s most high-profile concentration of casinos, feels the pinch. But for some whose numbers come up at unlikely times, nothing beats financial hard times than a lucky spin to have your fortunes reversed—and so intensely in this instance. So, what would have been another Easter feast—memorable it its own right—turned into a life-changing event. and it’s only fitting that Romanick comes from Sparks—a town that certainly lit up for one lucky resident.

The biggest jackpot ever won was back in March 2003 when $39.7 million was won at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.
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