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Dead Man wins £20k for Family after Death

A Man from Eston, Middlebrough, made his family promise to bet £250 on Mon Mome on last week’s Grand Nation after seeing the horse finish 10th last year.

66 year old Danny Shea was so convinced that the horse would win that he left £250 in a box and made his family promise to place the money on after his inevitable death from kidney cancer five months before the race.

The family reluctantly carried out his dyeing wish but with 100-1 odds this meant they won a total of £20,310. Family members were unable to believe that the horse had won with such long odds. Especially as Pat Shea said, “He was generally pretty useless at picking winners. He didn’t have much of a clue though he likes a bet. The best we hoped for was a place. I have to say I thought, ‘What a waste of money’. Bt it’s what Danny wanted.”

Shea allocated some stringent rules to the bet as he only believed Mon Mome could win with a soft ground, and as the going on the day was good to soft the family placed the bets as he wanted. £20 was allocated to each family member except for his wife who he wanted to place £60 on.

Mrs. Shea said, “To be honest I can’t remember much. I don’t even think we cheered it on. I know we were all crying and the young lads in the bar must have though we were mad – poor pensioners losing their pennies!”

Danielle Almond
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