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Casinos Lowering Prices

The price of playing in casinos has come down with Western New York’s biggest casino advertising $5 blackjack tables all day every day. These aren’t the only measures struggling casinos are taking to increase their profits, employees are being dismissed and building work has stopped.

Jillian Fiorella, spokeswoman for the Seneca Gaming Corporation said, “We, similar to other companies in Western New York, have noticed a change in consumer discretionary spending.”

To encourage more play a ‘Best Bets’ campaign has been launched providing a 97% payback on slot machines and a $5 minimum bet on blackjack tables as well as this numerous penny slot machines have been introduced.

The price of Roulette has also been reduced from around a $10 minimum bet to now only $5. However in Canada the lowest price available is only $1 at Fort Erie. The same story can be seen with Craps as well with a minimum bet of only $5.

Horse Racing reluctance to change has also bought about a decreasing popularity with the 111 year old Fort Erie Race Track facing closure until it was luckily granted a one year reprieve.

Michael Kane, vice president of operations and live racing at Western Regional Off-Track Betting Corp said, “Your racing fans are shrinking. For the younger folk there’s not enough stimulus in racing. It takes too long and the reward isn’t as great as it can be in some other activities like slot machines or poker.”

Danielle Almond
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