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Families in Singapore Bar Relatives from Casinos

Starting Wednesday in Singapore, if your family feels that you have a gambling problem, they will have the legal right to apply to get you banned from all Singapore casinos.

Mr. Lim Hock Sam, chairman of the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) said that the family exclusion order empowers families of people with gambling addictions to help them overcome their problem.

“Wishing the problem away, excusing the gambling addiction, bailing problem gamblers out repeatedly or suffering in silence will only prolong family agony, he said. “Family members should not feel helpless or hopeless, or guilty of the choice they make in the best interest of their family.”

Under the unprecedented new legislation, families can apply for the ban at the Tanjong Pagar Family Service Centre (FSC). Then FSC’s councilors will counsel the gambler and his family. If the family still wants to ban the individual, the case is then submitted to the NCPG who will gather a panel of assessors to decide whether the ban should be put in place. Individuals can also independently apply to have themselves barred.

Kayley Almond
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