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Earth Hour leaves Las Vegas Boulevard in Darkness

Earth hour took place last week and some of the world’s most iconic buildings joined in to turn out their lights and make a statement about saving energy. Buildings and iconic city monuments known worldwide such as the Houses of Parliament in London, the Paris Eiffel tower and the Strip in Las Vegas all switched off their bright lights.

The hour-long switch off, from 8:30 to 9:30, plunged the renowned Las Vegas Strip into darkness with buildings such as the Flamingo and Caesars Palace both joining in by switching off their luminous signs. However, lights in hotel rooms were kept on for the customers.

Annamarie Cavalli, who lives in Las Vegas said, "I'm impressed. It's pretty drastic. I think it's cool all these places participated. And it's the only time locals like me will be down here."

However, not everyone was aware of the planned switch off and some were left confused. Jeff Braughton who was travelling through the city said, "As we drove past the Rio I thought it must have gone out of business."

Vegas is one of the flagship cities for the World Wildlife Foundation’s blackout, and participating draws much-needed awareness about energy saving issues world wide.

Kayley Almond
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