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Look Ma - No Credit Card Payment Problems

Making and collecting payments on the Internet has presented problems for gamer and operator since the inception of online gaming - until now, that is. Now the problem has been kicked into touch by British Internet solutions company's CEO Simon Croft:

"Credit card processing problems traditionally arise when cards are used to fund accounts with online gaming sites. Cardholders generally worry about unauthorised use of their credit card account if they give details to an operator, and operators are equally concerned that Internet credit card payments are often subject to a "chargeback" by cardholders claiming unauthorised use. We at have solved these problems by introducing our unique Compact Disk Credit Card (CDCC) technology."

CDCC works like this: by effectively obtaining Verifiable personal authorization from the cardholder for each transaction without passing card details to the operator, the resulting "card present" transaction eliminates the possibility of identity theft. This will reassure honest cardholders, while overcoming the "chargeback" issue. Moreover, cardholders will be at ease and familiar with CDCC technology since it involves simply placing a credit card sized CD in the CDRom drive of any computer on the Internet together with a login and password to protect users against fraud.

Croft is keen to point out as well that traditional payment problems have become further aggravated by credit card issuing companies recently insisting that internet gambling transactions are "7995 coded". This in turn leads to frustration for both operators and gamblers who find that transactions are rejected solely because they are identified as for gambling.

However when used in combination with a debit card account, the "7995 coding" issue also becomes redundant with CDCC, with the added advantage that funds can be recredited back to the cardholder who can then use the debit card to withdraw cash from ATM machines or spend it at other internet sites using the system.'s credentials are impressive. Founded in 1998, the company historically has concentrated on three areas: (a) networks - managed hosting and co-location; (b) payment solutions; (c) Internet protocol telecommunications. An innovative approach has allowed the company to develop cutting-edge technology which is researched, developed and tested in highly intensive actual trading conditions.

With an established data centre in London's Docklands, boasts a state-of-the-art system with resilience in bandwidth, power and fire control. The company can supply resilient hardware or house other servers, while providing sophisticated load balancing, content network switching, monitoring and data backup facilities. Should failures occur with other companies using's hardware platform, will be aware of such developments almost at once, enabling it to replace faulty equipment promptly and having those sites operational again with minimal disruption.'s "Britishness" is itself a selling point.

With hosting remaining one of the biggest challenges facing online gaming operators, and with much of the world still off limits to providers, plus the added complication that many jurisdictions where hosting is allowed then suffer from unreliable power and limited and unreliable bandwidth, can offer stability and reliability. Simon Croft again:

"The British government's considerate treatment of servers allows to host casino, sportsbook and other gaming type operations right in the heart of London. We take the view that operating online gaming requires the resilience and redundancy you would expect from a Stock Exchange. When problems occur in other locations, as they inevitably do, solutions often are not fast enough due to complex local issues of manpower and geography, leading to losses and a lack of industry confidence. With our sophisticated and unique solutions, can deal with those problems swiftly and effectively."

Or, put simply: out with the old, in with the new.
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