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Taking a chance on the Big Six

Akin to the carnival games of old, Big Six (also called The Big Wheel and The Wheel of Fortune) is a popular casino game that owes is success to its combination of random thrill, ease of play and the chance for some massive potential payouts – as much as 45 to 1. But is it worth the risk?

In case you’re unfamiliar with it, Big Six is a large, vertical wheel with cash of varying denominations ($1, $2, $5, $10, $20) and a joker and casino logo set in place around the perimeter. The wheel is spun, and players bet on where the indicator will stop. That’s it. The winners are paid, losing wagers are scooped up, and the game begins anew. It’s completely devoid of strategy and about as simple a game as it gets.

But there’s a price for such simplicity.

Compared to other games, Big Six features a horrible house edge that never sinks below 11.11%. In fact, it’s so bad, there are very few wagers or other games within the casino that so readily suck out a bankroll. Consider the following comparison of Big Six to other popular games.

Now there are other games or bets that offer an ugly vigorish. In Craps, for example, the “Any Craps” bet has an 11.1% house edge built into it, which is identical to the $1 Big Six bet. However, unlike the Any Craps (which is only optional and represents one of the worst bets in a game that generally offers terrific odds) the 11.1% edge in Big Six represent the very best that game can offer.


Can you play it? Sure. It’s good for a quick thrill or to blow off some steam from other more serious games. Should you play it with any regularity? Only if you have a compulsion that forces you to give away money.
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