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Be The Dealer

For the first time in online gaming history, there is a site that allows YOU to be the DEALER. For all of us who have dominated the dealer seat with our buddies, only to eye the casino dealer in envy, our dream, to, has come true.

What makes BeTheDealer so special? Based out of Curaçao, BeTheDealer was launched with as a unique concept. According to founder Alan Goning, BeTheDealer’s premise is “that each player is entitled to receive a fair and equal winning probability when playing in an online casino.” This concept is so unique that BeTheDealer actually has a pending patent on their site’s premise and technology. Talk about an innovative and competitive advantage! When you ‘take the dealers’ chair’ at BeTheDealer, the casino takes no part in the gambling process, yet you as the dealer benefit from the House’s favorable odds. How cool is that!

The BeTheDealer environment caters to real-time interaction between dealers and players -- their goal is no less than simulating a real-life casino environment. If you’re not interested in the hassle of running a table, and figure you know how to beat the house – take a seat as a player, every game available at BeTheDealer is multi-player. You even have the choice of playing against one of your rival online dealers, or stick the system provider dealer. In fact, BeTheDealer includes a real-time chat feature that allows constant interaction between the dealer and all players – just such a neat feature when YOU are the dealer. You almost have to say “Please don’t touch the cards sir…”

Establishing an account with BeTheDealer is a snap - fill out the standard personal information online, choose a payment option (play for money or just for fun), and you’re off to the tables. Speaking of payment options, BeTheDealer offers them all – credit card, PayPal, Firecash, Firepay, ClearChex – you name it, they support it. Should you be uneasy with secure socket layers, encryption, and zapping pin numbers, BeTheDealer makes a point of offering a toll-free help-desk fax number and dedicated email addresses for questions/problems and wagering assistance. You can count on prompt answers and responses 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Playing for real or for fun? BeTheDealer’s Casino offers the casino standards you’d expect - Blackjack, roulette, slots, and video poker. Every game is multi-player, so feel free to strike up a real-time chat with that foxy bitmap sitting beside you! If you are a real novice and have no clue what it means to deal a black jack game – take advantage of BeTheDealer’s excellent on-line help function and tutorial, a great way to either learn the game, or even learn more. Hey, when you’re the bank, the players are gunning for you, better be ready for it!

To get to the BeTheDealer “Lobby”, you need to download the software. The casino software is a compressed packet of about 5 MB, which takes approximately 15 minutes to download using a standard 56 Kbps modem, or about 2 minutes using ISDN, DSL or attached to your work LAN. Because the BeTheDealer software runs locally on your machine, gameplay is extremely fast and responsive – relying only on transferring small packets of data your computer and the BeTheDealer servers. This makes for a great gaming experience with only a minimum impact on your computer’s hard disk resources.

BeTheDealer’s unique and innovative offering is sure to send shockwaves across the online gaming community – especially if their patent holds up. I think every gambler wants the opportunity to play as the House, and today – BeTheDealer is the only casino that can offer you this.
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