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On Your Mac, Get Set, Go!

As the cyber world continues to grow and infiltrate our day-to-day lives, we can now use streaming video technology to keep up on current world affairs, check out live interviews, and even communicate with one another using Internet audio/video technology.

Richard Hadida of Casino Reality has developed the world's only live video broadcast Internet casino software. Said Hadida, "Using real dealers and digital imaging players can play at real roulette or blackjack tables and interact with the dealer’s and other players."

Casino Reality said that Stanley Ho, "the Macau-based gaming mogul," is the first licensee to implement their newly designed software. "Other licensees are on the way, but under NDA," he said.

Licensed by the government of Antigua and Barbuda through the Offshore Gaming Directorate, Dr. Ho's Casino offers live streaming video gaming with no downloading required. All you need is a Windows personal computer or Macintosh with access to the Internet.

According to Dr. Ho's Website, "Our video feed depends on the speed of your connection to the Internet. And this depends on both your ISP and/or the Internet traffic in general. This is something we cannot do anything about."

While the Macintosh platform is traditionally "better" for these types of software programs, Hadida said that it is really no different than a PC platform. When asked about the challenges Casino Reality faced, he said, "Synchronising live video with the flash games with the croupiers and pit bosses whilst giving the player an simple and fun playing experience. For example video is distributed around the world by a number of rebroadcasting hubs but there can be no buffering otherwise players will be watching video that’s not absolutely current with the game.

So, I ask you, was there not a time when a leisurely trip to the casino was considered an outing? Wasn't the atmosphere almost as exciting as the thrill of gambling itself? Well, yes, but now we are seeing these attributes on a computer screen.

Hadida said, "It gives the truest gaming experience as players prefer the luck of a roulette ball to a Random Number Generator, not to mention the human appeal of a real dealer."
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