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Free Lunch

This time around I want to address something that I am sure bothers you as much as it bothers me. What is it you ask? False advertising. We are all looking for a little bit of fun and a little bit of pleasure when we log onto our favorite online casino. So usually, when we find a good one we stick with it. It is like anything in life, when you have something good you hang onto it. But then the question remains are we missing anything by not looking around a bit. Well, the truth is that this is not like choosing a wife and being faithful, but rather like having five or ten wives, not being faithful, and not getting into any trouble. It is a pretty good deal if you ask me. But I'm here to tell you where to go for some solid action. Broaden your horizons, have a good time, and hit all the best spots out there.

0 to 60 in less than four seconds sounds like a something that I would like to try. When Thomas Mayerback of Vienna Austria found himself logging onto what was named “best online casino in 2002” he had some doubts that Windowcasino was really giving away the bright blinking Ferrari Modena 360. Well, he has a little more faith in Window casino as he drives his brand new Ferrari all over town. Become a registered user on Windows Casino and perhaps you will find yourself in the drivers seat of a new Ferrari, which has become known as the most valuable promotional gift online in gambling history. With an annual Ferrari giveaway you can sign me up too.

Ferraris are nice, but a Jaguar XKR is nothing to sneeze at either. Miami Beach Casino can help their players not only get home in a new Jag, but as a registered user you stand a chance to win a $10,000 mortgage payment. So after you drive home in your new Jag and pay off your mortgage, then you better go pack because you could be off to Paris for a comped vacation. And what would a vacation in Paris be without a little $2500 shopping spree. Miami Beach Casino has some great prizes to check out and is a must for the true online casino player.

The Magic Oasis is another casino that has some tremendous promotions for their players. For instance, when you open your account they will double your money...and you are going to love this next promotion. The more you play the more points you will are rewarded. Points can be redeemed for shopping coupons at a huge variety of stores on the web. Magic Oasis has a web site that will list the many different online stores you can chose from. But, I could not help but think after driving home in your Ferrari, watching your wife pull up in her Jag, paying off the mortgage, going shopping in Paris, that there may still be one little thing missing. Registered users on Magic Oasis have a chance to win their very own 32-ft. Majestic Regal Commodore 3260 luxury yacht.

Not only do these sites offer their players the occasional free lunch, but how about breakfast, lunch, dinner and a little Hagandazs ice cream for dessert. I wish all of you online players the best of luck, and if you win that Yacht, don't forget who told you where to play. There is always a free lunch, you just have to know where to look.
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