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Women’s Interest

Knowing When to Say Sorry

Women that gamble can be the pushiest women in the world. If you don’t believe me try and get a slot machine at Mohegan Sun after the complementary bus arrives with the local ladies club on board. As a woman who has been on both sides of the casino table, as a player and as an online customer service rep, I can tell you that the axiom “you get more bees with honey” is the way to get ahead online.

Look at your relationship with the casino like your relationship with your partner, then you’ll work out the best way to deal with the heated and frustrating situations that will certainly arise when it’s you versus the machine.

Like it or not ladies, the problem is sometimes our fault. And in my experience as an online rep, about 50% of the calls to customer service is a result of customer error.

A common example- You are trying to download casino software at work, its not working, and you’re livid because you were able to download it at home and now that the casino has $200 of your money you can’t seem to get it back. Most likely you have a firewall at your office that won’t allow you to download files. Is it the casino’s fault? No chance. If you read the FAQ would you have know that? Absolutely.

But you’ve done it, you’ve called up and torn the rep a new you-know-what, so what should you do?

Back to our relationship handbook. “When we’ve wrongly accused do we-

1) Give the silent treatment and act like you’re still perturbed
2) Hang up the phone and go for the silent treatment
3) As hard as it may be, say “sorry”

In case you still didn’t guess, the answer is #3. Sorry is a word we rarely hear at the customer support desk, and it’s guaranteed to push bad water under the bridge. And now that you’ve cleared the air it’s time to re-solidify the relationship. Get the name of the rep you’ve just shredded and thank him or her for their help. Your casino will have anywhere from two to twenty reps, and the next time you get on the phone with a problem, there is a good shot that you’ll get your whipping-boy on the other end. Customer service reps can be as helpful or as useless as the amount of time they want to spend on the phone with you, so make sure that you’ve made amends.

Recognizing when you are wrong will get you further with the voice at the other end of the phone than all the yelling in the world, and if you consider that the customer rep is your only casino contact not made by IBM, you’ll see why the price of humility is a bargain compared to ten minutes of hold music.
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