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The More Casinos There Are The Weirder They Get!

Online Sportsbooks are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves as their software platforms are all running neck and neck at the cutting edge of technology. So what do they do? They are now resorting to a new breed of “Weird and Wonderful” propositions.

If you look through history you will see a trend of bets which range from the ancient and insane to the modern and absolutely nuts. In fact, Archeologists believe that ancient man used to bet their wives on games of dice which were carved out of the bones of animals. Romans used to bet estates on chariot races, and even the British monarchy have been said to have wagered their titles between each other and in the casino.

More recently, we have seen a series of bets in the 80s and 90 that might make wagering your lordship seem more mundane than buying a lottery ticket at the supermarket. In 1993 “Ferret Bingo” became the craze. Ferret Bingo is a country English game that uses a barrel of live ferrets and seven drainpipes. When the barrel is uncovered people bet on the which of 7 drainpipes the ferrets will climb up. More cruelly, the 1980s was a decade where the wealthy, powerful and deranged had Boa Constrictor pits erected in their homes and then spent social evenings betting which of three numbered mice would be the last to supper-supper for the Boa that is.

The 90s were also a time for impossible bets. In 1998 Sports Illustrated reported that Evel Knievel bet his doctor $10,000 that the stunt man, aged 37 would outlive his doctor, aged 59. The irony of that bet is that upon completion the loser is dead and can’t pay.

But nothing that has ever happened before can compete with the wide range of bets offered today on the internet. If you want to, you could bet on live snail races

and as Ed Pownall from Blue Square explains this seemingly excruciatingly boring race. “ Its really a lot of fun, you get six snails standing on little podiums which then gets lowered to the bottom of six colored polls in order to give each snail a fair starting line.” But the question is “How do you get the snails up the polls?” The answer is simple, you stand the polls in a pool of water, the snails, which have a natural distaste for water, slither up-up and away.

This year Blue Square has ooutdone itself yet again as it has come up with “Hamster Dragster” racing. The game starts by getting six hamsters into six hamster wheels (like the ones in their cages) which in turn, power very small and very cute hamster sized dragsters up the track. And to answer the question: Yes, People are betting on this!

Like we said, everyone needs to compete for the weirdest and wackiest, so combating the lunacy of Blue Square, Bookmakers William Hill decided to offer goldfish racing. Although a tough fish to train, the gimmick wager did attract global attention; and as to whether the popularity of fish races will ever match that of the horses and dogs is entirely up to you.

Weird bets are not the exclusive domain of mad scientists and global internet bookmakers. You can post your own wild bets at person-to-person betting sites like where two folks recent wagered on whether or not Robbie Williams and Liam Gallagher would have a fist fight on the stage of the Brit Awards. Another very popular wager at Flutter was whether or not gay protesters would run naked on the stage during an Eminem performance to express their disapproval of the rappers lyrics. If you can think of anything that you would want to bet on, odds are that there is some nut out there to take that bet.
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