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A Question of Payment

Over the last few years, credit cards have had to sweat from their lofty perch as new payment systems gather momentum, popularity and incentive to become the new way forward to transact over the internet. They’re popping up like wirefire, so to speak, and we at GOM feel that payment processes aren’t given the recognition they deserve—always in the background of all the bells and whistles of the online games and casinos. Not anymore. Here we highlight three high-profile payment processing companies and get the word on the street—or in the GOM offices in this case—of the experience to open an account, customer service and ease of use. It might be the games that first capture us, but it’s the action, and the means to facilitate that action, that keeps us coming back.

Names of those who took part in this exercise have been altered.


Sarah went to the Scratch 2 Cash ( website after reading the review in the last issue of GOM. With over 20 revolutionary interactive scratch-card games and top-notch graphics, she was in for more scratching than a flea-bitten tabby—only a lot more fun. But before getting started, she had to open a Firepay account. Here is her take on her experience from first click to last.

When I got onto the Scratch2Cash site, I immediately wanted to get started. So I went to the variety of banking options at the bottom of the home page and settled on Firepay, not really knowing how payment-processing companies differed. But a couple of my online gaming friends told me that Firepay was a reputable outfit. I’m naturally sceptical about online money transactions. Shopping, buying plane tickets and anything that requires my personal details always raises a red flag with me. But I did some quick research and trusted I was in the hands of a solid, safe and secure company.

Signing up at Firepay was really straightforward. I entered my basic contact and security information, confirmed it all and then checked my confirmation email they automatically sent. In it, there was a unique access code. I cut and pasted this code back into the registration process and Firepay immediately tried to call me. I guess this is universal with other companies as a security measure in that they want to validate that I’m the actual person, in flesh and blood, who is registering on the website. But since I was not at the number I entered—I was travelling at the time—they couldn’t connect with me. So Firepay offers an alternate automated service number to call and I immediately went through the process—no problem.

I spent another few minutes entering my bank details, social security number and some other details. Then Firepay listed a series of questions based on my personal profile and typical things that are unique to me. I answered them correctly—wheh!— received my 16-digit account number and then was able to deposit funds from my bank account right into my new Firepay account.

All in all, it was a painless, easy way to get an ewallet set up. I then went back to the Scratch2Cash site and started dipping into my Firepay account right away, playing a multitude of scratch games, roulette. I even got a taste of bowling. So far, everything with Firepay has been smooth. It doesn’t make for a very interesting story when everything goes smoothly, but that’s the way they—and I—want it. But my nature tells me to keep my guard up because I’ve heard mixed reports with banking and payment processors. But any doubt I have, I go to Firepay’s customer service and they’ve always reassured me over the phone, and have always kept their word and integrity with my account.


Bianca, 37, went to All Slots Casino ( for some exciting slot action. But before jumping in, she went through the process of setting up an account at Click2Pay (, the ewallet payment solution developed by Wire Card. Here she walks us through her experience.

I entered the banking section on the All Slots Casino website and clicked on deposit information, then on Click2Pay. Once at their home page, I clicked on the “open free account today” option. I filled out my basic details like name, address and security information. Unlike a lot of people who race through online registration procedures, I made it a point to read the terms and conditions. Once I was happy about them, I accepted and entered a telephone number for a contact and verification process, which should happen immediately. Up to this point, including reading the terms and conditions, it took 10 minutes.

Considering it was one in the morning London time, I had little confidence that they would phone since they’re based in Germany, which is one hour later. Within four minutes, my phone rang and it was the Click2Pay team. I thought this service was fantastic and exceeded my expectations.

The lady was very courteous and asked me to confirm three security questions. The phone call took all of three minutes and then I was told I would receive an email to activate my account. I clicked on the link in the email and it was up and running. I had my new account and was ready to go. Perfect!

By this time I had another email confirming the telephone conversation and verification process. What can I say—it all went very smoothly and efficiently.

When I registered my credit card details, I was amazed to discover that when I now make a deposit at an online casino with my Click2Pay details, my credit card would be charged directly and that the Click2Pay service was absolutely free. I can deposit money directly into my Click2Pay account if I want but then there is a nominal charge. It was nothing to get in the way of getting my credits and hitting the tables. Now I can play at as many casinos and poker rooms as I want and I just use my Click2Pay account without having to consult my credit card.

So basically I was now ready to play and I felt more secure in the fact that everything is in one place—Click2Pay.

But it doesn’t stop there. I love blackjack so I played a few hands. So I play for a while and I’m seriously up on my money. At this point, I stopped and made a withdrawal. The cash got dropped into my Click2Pay account and was as simple as that. It takes a couple of days to process but then it was clear, ready for me to deposit to my favorite poker room or transfer to my bank account for a little shopping spree.


Drew, 34, went to and wanted to get involved in their unique online casino options and service. They offer 100-percent match bonus for all new players and he was impressed with Villento allowing players to be more in control of their gaming. They’re conscientious of customers playing games that are compatible with their bankrolls. The 240 of Microgaming’s best games, excellent loyalty benefits, promotions and rewards were big draws too. Here, he tells us of his experience registering with Neteller to get started.

I went to and clicked on Neteller banner in order to get to the Neteller website. So far so good. I then clicked to register, filled in basic details of my name, date of birth, and email address. I received a confirmation email in my email inbox within seconds, and clicked on it to verify my registration. I received my new login details in a second email. I was only three minutes into the process and things couldn’t have gone smoother.

I then followed the instructions in the email, went back to the Neteller site and progressed with my account registration. There were a few more details to fill out, such as address details and drivers license. Upon completing these, I got a final email confirming a successful registration. But this is where things took a turn.

I opened that last email, but when I clicked on the link to go to my account page on the Neteller site, I received a message that my account had been closed, quicker than I opened it. I then received a further email requesting me to contact Neteller, and that I needed to fax them proof of address, a utility bill, three months of bank statements and a copy of my drivers license. Upon my deadline for this story, I still hadn’t resolved all of the issues. I’m not sure if this there was a glitch in the system or why this happened, but from everything I’ve heard about Neteller, it’s one of the best payment processing options out there, so this was a surprise. A silver lining, I guess, is that I appreciate the fact they do go through stringent security measures to make sure everything, and everyone, in the system is legitimate. So whatever the problem turns out to be, I’m confident it can all be resolved soon.
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