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Betting with the Stars.

'Some days you’re the windscreen, some days you’re the bug' …and perhaps nothing sums up the luck of a gambler better than this quote. But when the talk about luck what exactly do we mean? Are we simply referring to the fact that a randomly occurring event happen to turn out in our favor? If that's the case than luck itself is random and could walk with us side-by-side at one moment be as distant as the stars the next. Mathematician and engineering types usually take this view and sport slogans and bumper stickers saying things like 'lottery is a tax for people that are bad at math' to prove it. But most of us know better.

Why are millions of people around the world wearing good luck charms, tossing coins into fountains and nailing horseshoes to their front doorstep? The adornment of lucky charms goes back to the ancient societies of the Egyptians, the Chinese and the Romans, who use them to either ward off evil spirits i.e. bad luck or to promote good fortune i.e. good luck. But it's not only ancient societies that believe in these talismans. How many people do you know that either have a four leaf clover on the wall their office, carrier rabbits foot (which incidentally is not that lucky for the rabbit) or rub a beanie babies tummy before they spin the slots.

Assuming all of these people, now and since written history are not simply stupid, there must be something more than random events behind this whole idea of luck. Astrology, more than any other profession, studies the day to day fortune that shapes our lives and put that into a context with our alignment in the universe. So it seems to make sense that when were talking about luck we should look to an astrologer to help us make sense of it all.

Gambling Online Magazine has enlisted the help of psychic David Ryan to explain what role astrology plays in the luck that we have or don’t have gambling online.

'When you're talking about luck, assuming that you're putting in the context of getting a favorable results or outcome on a certain event, you are gazing into what astrologers call your celestial destiny. Celestial destiny is your astrological personality, which is defined by things like when you were born, where you were born and the alignment of the universe today.

It is this 'personality' that sets the tone for how lucky or unlucky you'll be for a period of time in particular types of endeavors you undertake. For instance, at one time of the year you may be very lucky in love but very unlucky in business. At another point in time you may have a hot streak in the casino but your love-life may be in shambles. Still at other times it may seem like everything is going completely your way.

It's important to understand your own astrological profile and keep up-to-date with celestial alignment in order to know what actions you should take to optimize how 'lucky' you are in day to day life.

Certainly I can’t specifically say that you should play No. 9 on the roulette table in March and No. 25 in April. But what astrology will tell use when your best chance to win playing Nos. 9 and 25 will be. Remember astrology is not an exact science, we have been studying astrology for thousands of years have made quite a bit of progress, but I guess you could say there is still a bit of 'luck' involved in what we do too.'

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