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Feng Shui.

The ancient art of Feng Shui is a prominent aspect of Eastern culture. It originated from China and was originally used to determine where to bury loved ones. The Chinese believe that Feng Shui, literally meaning 'wind and water' can bring balance and harmony into all aspects of one's life just by ensuring that surrounding objects are placed in such a way that good 'chi', or vibes are created.

So what does this have to do with online gambling? Well, according to Feng Shui experts such as Lina Viconti, the author of Feng Shui, if you go with the flow you can improve your gambling luck by ensuring you strategically place items in the room where you

place your wager.

It may sound like an old wives tale, but its a tactic that's been adopted in the architectural structure and layout of many casinos around the world (this may be hard to believe when you count the number of times you’ve left a casino with more cash than you’ve come in with).

Australia's $1.6 billion Crown Casino consulted three Feng Shui experts when designing the hotel tower, and the casino’s internal layout. The north side of the complex has huge windows and doors to allow access to the Yarra river. Water signifies wealth and is one of the five elements which underpin Feng Shui. Five large, marble columns have also been positioned in the main entrance on the advice of the casino's Feng Shui masters, each representing one of the elements.

So next time you try your hand at lady luck, try some of these handy hints for a little bit of a psychological advantage. The basic idea is to create good vibes. Just by gambling on a PC is a good start. Apparently, computers are great energy movers and shakers. By

leaving the screen saver up when you take a break you're keeping the flow.

Positioning the computer is also important. Visconti says you should position it in the 'money point', (an appropriate title for gambling). You achieve the “money point” by placing your computer away from the window in the left hand corner of the room. A further point to remember is your relative physical location to the door. 'Be sure that you are not positioned in direct line with the door,' Visconti advises. Along similar lines, if your bathroom is in the left-hand corner of your living space, it signifies your luck and energy going down the drain. But fear not, a full length mirror placed outside the bathroom will deflect bad energy.

Goldfish are also positive luck booster, and they symbolize success. Another good luck charm ironically is a jar filled with money, apparently money attracts money, so keep a jar within eyeshot and luck is sure to be hiding around some misty corner!

These principals may sound bizarre, but when the chips are down anything is worth a try! These rituals are designed to put your everyday mind into a different mode. As one Feng Shui expert commented, lets face it; if your usual way of thinking was getting you

everything you wanted, you wouldn't need Feng Shui. As a society we tend to dismiss things that cannot be explained scientifically, but you never know, by working with the natural 'vibration frequencies' and adjusting your ordinary behavior patterns you may be

leaving the door open for something out of the ordinary to happen, and hopefully it will have several zeros on the end of it!!

So next time your losing a hand of Poker, you know how to bring luck back onto your side, and if the bathroom isn't the problem, then place a few lucky charms around your room to inspire you. Remember that negative thinking is a big NO in Feng Shui, so don’t let yourself get depressed if your wager goes into the casinos purse!

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