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Cantor Casino Launches StatJack

Cantor casino has recently launched Statjack. This unique game features an interactive game of blackjack boosted with on-screen tools designed to aid the player. It counts cards for the players, advices players on best choices to make using statistics to enhance the player’s chance of winning whilst providing new ways of betting.

The game is played with four 52-card decks with the object of the game being to acquire more points than the Dealer without exceeding 21 points.

While playing the game, the guidance feature underlines the recommended choice on the basis of “Basic strategy”. This on the whole, provides the player with guidance throughout the game. In addition, it informs the player of the probability of a win or a loss determined by each option available to them.

In addition, if you hold your mouse over the “Hit” or “Stand” button, the player statistics will display the odds of the next card improving or busting your hand. It will further display the percentage of other players who have chosen the same option when faced with the same cards.

The game also features a “Card Tally” function which reveals to the player how many cards of each value are left in the shoe and the odds of being dealt each of the cards remaining. This consequently aids the player in consistently making the right decisions. The game also reveals what other players in the same situation have done.

Other features of Statjack include “Card history” which displays all the cards that have been dealt with the recently dealt cards at the top of the screen.

Another feature of Statjack is the “dealer statistics” which displays the probability that the dealer will need to draw a 3rd card in addition to the odds of achieving 17, 18, 19 or 20 when the hole card is turned over.

What is more, after the player has played out their hand or if their hands have bust, they can opt to bet on the dealer’s hand.

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