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Chatting With Lost Souls

When the chips are down, go for an online group hug.

There seem to be dozens of self-help instructional books on the shelves these days, each trying to guide the readers to a more successful life. They come with a variety of catchy titles and colourful cover art, but inside them you’ll find that much of their messages are the same. They all seem to talk about confidence, concentrated effort, energy and being goal-driven. Most of the time, these books serve as temporary emotional boosters for those struggling with their love life, work, family or other personal strife. They often fill some inherent emotional need that the reader is not getting fulfilled with by another outlet, such as a heartfelt friend, a therapist or confidant.

Gamblers tend to hit on great highs when they’re winning, but brutal emotional lows when they’re having a streak of terrible luck. Although gamblers always try to protect their emotions from these monetary swings, it’s nearly impossible.

We naturally experience an emotional rush when we score a win, and an emotional let-down in the midst of a loss. A long streak of bad luck can wear away at our resolve, vacuuming out our energy and confidence. As an emotional protection, you become numb and detached from the games. Before long, you join the ranks of the lost souls of gaming.

Lost souls start by mindlessly going through the motions of their chosen games. In a drone-like state, they plod along in an attempt to spark that vigour and fire that the game once provided. Because the wins are less invigourating with those emotional walls in place, that desirable fire is far from the surface. Thus, even sizable wins in the short term are unsatisfying. Online players are especially susceptible to these doldrums. Online casinos try to spice up their webpages with sharp graphics and entertaining sounds, but the most serious online gamblers quickly grow immune to these amusements. Without the glitz and excitement of the live casino around us, the online version of the game exponentially lulls us.

Losing is frustrating, disheartening and energy-zapping. It can especially wear at your patience when you’ve been playing the statistically optimal way, only to see hapless fools playing around you making stupid bets yet hitting for profits. Without a myriad of gambler’s “self-help” books on the shelves to help boost confidence and lost energy, some of the gambling lost souls have trouble finding that helpful outlet to get their emotional needs filled. Perhaps this is why online gamblers have grown to produce one of the most active and insightful online communities on the internet. Message boards and chat rooms focused on online poker and gambling have been popular for quite some time now. Filled with stories of bad beats, bad luck and other gambling woes, some readers post that they’re tired of the whining and complaints that litter these sites. In reality, these posts may be vitally important to the health of the games.

At times we all need reassurance, kind words and a rousing emotional boost to get us refocused and determined. In sports, this might be bestowed upon us by a great halftime speech by a savvy coach or from the loud cheers of adoring fans. Online gambling is a lonely endeavor much of the time. We cruise during a winning streak, as the positive emotions provide a wave we can ride. But when the losing takes over, we start searching for our own gambling coach or gaming cheer section. As we try to combat the doldrums that can come with playing and losing, we search for outlets and help. Often, that comes from the online community where other players are experiencing similar problems and worries.

If you find yourself in need of an emotional boost while weathering a losing streak, try chatting with some other online lost souls. You’ll find players experiencing similar frustrations, and mentors who’ve already overcome such lows. If it were another sporting contest, a coach or team captain might already be there to help with this avenue of need. In our mostly solo contests of gaming, we might need to take a step further. There is no shame in seeking out some kind words and sound advice on a gambling-related website. If you take this step, perhaps you’ll be more likely to escape the doldrums of the lost souls of gambling and reignite that emotional fire for the games.
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