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Online Gambling goes Odds ON

Odds ON Software is made up of a cutting edge team of software developers and marketers operating out of Antigua, West Indies. Although Odds ON is a relatively new developer by industry standards, it has already amassed an impressive stable of online casino operators using its software. In fact, English Harbour Casino and Caribbean Gold are both Odds ON clients and are both widely considered as two of the most popular casinos online, a testimony to any game-maker.

One of the nicest features of the casino is the speed of its download and the easy of its setup. Within minutes you’ll have the full suite of Odds ON games on your PC ready to play, all without rebooting I might add. And the easy setup is part of why Odds ON powered casinos are so successful at attracting players.

Odds ON develops Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Caribbean Stud Poker, Keno, Video Poker and Slots. And although all the games are quite impressive, the wide array of variations that Odds ON brings to Video Poker and Slot machine play has to be their strongest selling point. Across their and varied casino operators they have developed dozens of different slot machines that are not only uniquely themed but are varied in terms of lines played, payouts, and progressive and stand alone variations.

In terms of innovation, one of the most intuitive and helpful features is the automatic hand highlighter in Video Poker. This system automatically highlights and holds winning hands in Video Poker games to make sure you don’t miss an inconspicuous combination. The system is also great for beginning Video Poker players who are not always sure what they should hold and what they should discard. Additionally, after the hand is played the game highlights which cards went into the winning combination.

Any operator looking to get into the business will know that the backend software is as important to the operator as the front-end software is to the player. Odds ON has thus created a very stable and reliable server side platform. In fact Odds ON games are designed to work with a fully redundant server farm, and are designed to re-establish broken connections between the client and server seamlessly.

Casino operators will also be pleased to know that Odds ON offers highly secure web page monitoring of your casino’s clients and vital signs. In fact, Odds ON offers everything from marketing campaign analysis, promotional targeting, advertising tracking and ROI analysis to real-time transaction tracking, transaction detailed history, credit card processing/load distribution (enabling multiple financial institution processing) and fraud control system analysis. Which translates to laymen into an easy to access system that gives you as much information as you would ever need to effectively manage and market your casino.

If you are considering getting into the online casino business then you will be delighted to know that Odds ON will hand-hold you from inception to launch. They have a network of third party specialist services at your disposal. If you need help writing a business plan in order to raise capital they have partners to help you do it. If you are beyond that phase and looking for a licensing jurisdiction Odds ON will help there too. They’ll also find you someone to liase between the local licensing authority and their client. Their third party providers will also act as your representative before local government gaming boards and authorities, meaning that you won’t even need to leave your office to get your casino fully legal and on the net.

The final step in owning an online casino is being able to take credit cards deposits from your players. Odds ON processes all its transitions through ECX Company Inc. which uses VeriSign’s 128-bit encryption along with VeriSign’s Secure Socket Layer technology. ECX also offers 24/7 customer support to your customers, handling all inquiries that clients may have regarding payments. What could be easier?

Odds ON have certainly entered the online casino industry with a splash and to date have developed and assisted some of the industry’s biggest casinos. New entrants in the industry can be assured that Odds ON will help them from concept to launch either themselves or through their third party specialist partners. Existing casinos looking to change platforms will be impressed with Odds ON’s backend security, functionality and reliability.
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