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The Online Gambling .com Winners

A few years back, all the online gambling companies had to do was open a site with a “.com” after the name to become an internet millionaire. A lot has changed since then; and since those days internet junkies have had to find a new cyber-train to take them from rags to riches. It seems now that the only money being made on the internet is by players at internet casinos, and the dot com millionaires are of a lucky rather than techy breed.

The new progressive slot machine “Major Millions” gives dot com entrepreneurs, and everyone else, a second shot at cashing in on the information superhighway, and has brought virtually reality closer (at least in dollar value) to Las Vegas reality. The Major Millions progressive slot brings online jackpots to equal footing with the Vegas-Strip mega-machines, where one pull brings the chance to change your life. Only weeks after going online, “Major Millions” paid nearly $1.6 million dollars to the internet’s first ever million slot dollar winner.

The lucky winner, who wishes to keep his identity concealed, was flown out Monte Carlo on an all-expense paid trip to receive his prize. Marilyn Glazier, Press Agent for Jackpot Madness, told Gambling Online Magazine “The winner will start his new life as a Major Millionaire with an exclusive taste of what true luxury is all about: an all-expense paid first class trip for two to Monte Carlo, the classiest gambling destination in the world. The brand new millionaire will stay at Monte Carlo’s most exclusive hotel, dine at Monte Carlo's finest restaurants, play at the best casinos in the world with $2,000 pocket money, and get a bird’s eye view of this incredible city in a helicopter.”

Marilyn also commented, “In the few short weeks since unveiling, Major Millions has already transformed the scale of online gaming payouts. The progressive slot is available at over 60 casinos powered by Microgaming, and has quickly become the largest jackpot in the history of online gaming. Major Millions is the only online progressive to pay out over $1,500,000, available in cash. We’d like to congratulate our first Major Millionaire and send him off to enjoy his new life, starting in Monte Carlo!”.

Is it as easy to become a dot com millionaire in 2002 as it was in 1999? It certainly appears so, and the dot com millionaires of the 90’s had to make their millions in the rain soaked city of Seattle rather than on the sun bleached beaches of the Mediterranean.
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