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Progressive Online Gambling Jackpots

Online progressive jackpots are the hottest tickets in cyber-town and players from around the world are going ga-ga over their jackpots as they roar into the millions of dollars. The record winner- to date, is a super-lucky Major Millions buster Tony P. who took home more than $1.5 million playing at Captain Cooks Casino ( And while $1.5 mil. represent the top end of the winning scale, players winning in excess of $150,000 are commonplace and you can find their names gracing the pages of online gaming portals week after week.

Online progressive jackpot games fall into two categories. The first are progressive slot machines similar to the linked progressives you’d find in a Las Vegas casino. Players at progressive slots either qualify for the progressive jackpot play by inserting an additional “progressive entry” coin, or more commonly qualify to play for the progressive simply by pushing the “Bet Max” option on the machine and wagering the machine’s maximum value. Coincidentally, slot players should almost play the maximum number of coins that the machine allows anyway as the paytables generally favor the larger wager.

Once you’ve bet whatever it takes to qualify as progressive contender, the next thing to do is spin those little reels and cross you fingers… if you are lucky enough you’ll see the progressive symbols line up and then you’re in there.

On some games hitting a line of the precious progressive symbols is enough to earn you the win, but at others the symbols just qualify you to enter the fray to go all the way. Games that take you to another “level” after you line up the progressive symbols are called second stage games. In second stage games, you’ve only won half the battle by entering the next stage. It is there that you actually take another trip around the reels of fate to decide just how much you actually do win. Usually, if you make the second stage you’ll win something big, but its only on fortunate ocassion that you get to take home ALL the marbles. It’s one more spin before the fates decide if you’ll be having lobster of chopped liver for dinner.

Poker players are also lucky enough to have the massive progressive bug invading their leisure. Online Poker Jackpots, while not topping $1 million…yet, still attract player’s attention with their jumbo payouts and frequent hits. The most common progressive poker game is Caribbean Stud, where casinos link one poker table to a pan-internet group of tables across dozens of online casinos. Each time a player wagers the extra $1 that qualifies him for progressive play, a portion of that dollar goes into the cross-casino pot which accumulates until some lucky poker nut pulls the obscure Royal Flush and walks away with more chips than he could carry in a dump truck.

Whether you like to cast your coins into the fountain and rely on fate, or prefer to bet on your steely card-player intellect to go for the big game is up to you. The fact of the matter remains that someone is striking gold online each week by putting a little extra on the line each time they play, and with progressives linked between dozens of casinos and thousands of players, it doesn’t take long before the jackpot meter reaches into the six figures.
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