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Online Gambling: Road to the Cashier

You always hear that you need to walk the road less traveled, go off the beaten path and steer your own course; but the reality is that many times, and in many situations, ‘off the beaten path’ is a long and windy road that is uphill and covered in ice. That seems to be the case whenever you try to get payment into your online casino account. If you try and use your Visa or MasterCard you are going to get shut out about 60% of the time, and the once powerful PayPal has put gambling on its “pay no nevermind” list.

So where does that leave players? Well, it leaves operators searching for alternate payment methods, and so far Neteller seems to be the method of choice. Neteller came along at an opportune time – just when PayPal pulled out - and it has been the dominant ewallet for gaming ever since. Click2Pay is a new ewallet solution that operators have been grabbing like hotcakes, and there are one or two others that have also made an impact into online gaming. But I muse again, where does that leave the players?

Well, gamblers have proven resourceful enough to get their money into their online casino accounts since the early days of 1996. At first, they gave their credit card details and waited for those cards to be debited manually by a guy with a machine waiting on the other side. Then things went automated and the cards were processed instantly. This lasted a few years, and all in all was a pretty convenient way to play. But then, when the likes of CitiBank started rejecting gaming transactions on their issued cards, things exploded, and methods of paying-in came out of the woodwork. Some of the more innovative have been those that charge your telephone bill for your gambling, and the tried and true methods like wire transfer and Western Union have made a comeback.

But where does that leave Party A (the Casino) and Party B (the Player) today? There seems to be a convergence in today’s online gambling world, which started when Neteller, the gambler’s favorite way to pay in the post-Paypal era, started to have credit card processing problems of their own. If you have tried to pay into Neteller using a US credit card in the past 9 months, you’ll have noticed that you are unquestionably on that difficult road (with the ice and slopes) that I mentioned earlier. One customer service operator at Neteller told me that 90% of the credit card attempts at Neteller are getting a big fat rejection. That’s not good news for anybody in this business.

But don’t despair, I mentioned a convergence, and Neteller, Click2Pay and the rest are getting clever and have introduced non-credit card based payment mechanisms into their own ewallets. You can send a bank wire, pay by check, or use an echeck at most, and believe it or not, its not at all inconvenient. Once you get the idea that credit cards are the only convenient way to pay out of your head, you realize that bank wire and echeck are just as easy. My favorite method of payment is echeck, since I have a record in my checkbook of what I spend.

Suddenly the winding road is getting the plow it needed.

The real convenience in using a diversified ewallet like Neteller is being able to get your cash back in an instant. Neteller and Click2Pay both offer ATM cards linked to your accounts, so you never need to wait for a check to enjoy your winnings. Take that into account and you may find that ewallets, although they’re not credit cards, are the best way to pay online, and by including multitudes of pay in options within the ewallet, they are certainly the easiest way to get money into a casino account.
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