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Up the Ante of Online Gambling

Dice games have been played for thousands of years. There is nothing quite as simple or unpredictable as the roll of the dice. This combination makes Craps one of the most accessible and suspenseful games in the casino, a game which is currently enjoying a new found popularity amongst players all over the world, in particular with high stakes gamblers looking for some fun and excitement.

For most people, the game’s fast pace and wide variety of betting options is sufficient reason for playing this fun-filled game. But for the high roller, Craps offers a number of different incentives which satisfy their ‘rock and roll’ lifestyles and gaming interests. Here are some of the reasons why Craps is so attractive to high rollers:

Player controls the game

Craps is one of the few casino games in which the player can actually be in charge. As a shooter, you can ask the dealer for the same or different dice to play with, you can set them anyway you want before shooting, and much more. This level of control, and the fact that you are contributing to the result of the game based on your skill and roll is very appealing to the high roller as they often like to feel in charge of the game because of their large wagers.

Low house advantage

Many bets in Craps have a house advantage or edge of less than 2%. A smart Craps player can bring this edge even lower to 0.02% or less. Bets such as Pass Line, Don’t Pass line, Come or Don’t Come are very popular amongst high rollers, as their high stakes have a good chance of winning and their level of risk is acceptable.


High rollers know very well the value of their business to the casino, and high stakes Craps players enjoy some of the highest levels of comps given to them. Free rooms, free meals, free shows, etc. can all be easily obtained whilst playing Craps at a casino without much play required in comparison to other games such as blackjack or poker.

But now, high rollers are able to enjoy all the same thrills and excitement of playing Craps online, at some of the best internet casinos on the net and all from the comfort of their own homes. With some casinos even offering multiplayer versions of this wonderful game, Craps shooters from around the world can come together and play without losing anything in their gaming experience.

After loading your favorite online casino on your PC, you can easily make your way to the nearest Craps table and start playing for real money or just for fun. The rules of the game are the same as those found in Las Vegas or other gaming destinations, so you don’t really have to learn anything new.

Once you have established which table you want to play on, you will be asked to choose your betting limits which can vary anywhere between $1 up to $1,000.00 per roll, which suits the beginner as well as the high roller. Next, you need to choose how long it takes between rolls and depending on which online casino you are playing in, you can even choose to have sound effects or not and have your favorite music being played in the background for ambience.

To top it all of, on multiplayer versions of Craps you can join a game already in play and chat with other players to find out how the table is doing, start your own private table so can play by yourself, open a public table so others can join you or have a table reserved in which case players will need to ask your permission for joining, and you decide.

This level of personalization cannot be found at any land based casino in the world and that is why high stakes craps shooters are turning to the net for playing their favorite game in their own terms.

So why don’t you ‘Up the Ante Online’ and roll the dice at your favorite online casino and see the benefits of playing this great game in cyberspace. Good luck and enjoy your gaming.
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